Sturdi correx sheets are manufactured in various thicknesses and colours. We corona treat our sheets which is a process that enables glue and ink to bond with the board. The width of our sheets is 1220 mm across the fluting and the length which runs with the fluting can be cut to any size and in some applications, can be made into a roll.

Grams per square meter:
350 gms (2.2 mm)                750 gms (3.5 mm)
450 gms (2.5 mm)                850 gms (3.8 mm)
550 gms (2.8 mm)                1000 gms (4.0 mm)
650 gms (3.2 mm)

Various thicknesses available

Black recycle board

Correx Pallet slip sheets

4 meter length blue correx sheets

Correx being rolled

Used for signs

100 meter white rolls